Why think about psychotherapy?

There are times in our lives when we feel overwhelmed by events that make it difficult to function well. This can be for brief periods but sometimes is more enduring or repetitive.

We may find ourselves dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship problems, obsessions. We may be finding it difficult to negotiate one of life’s changes.

Therapy is a confidential space to help us examine and reflect on why this might be occurring. We have a better chance of making improvement if we understand more about ourselves.

How I work

Group Analytical Psychotherapy is a method of personal analysis.

We are born into groups: the family, the neighbourhood, the society. We can learn a lot about ourselves in our interaction with others.

Working in a group

An Analytical group of upto eight or nine people can be a safe but dynamic place to explore conscious and unconscious influences on how we experience each other and the world. In a group such as this we learn new ways to communicate with others about our inner selves.

Working with individuals

I bring the same ideas to the consulting room. For some this is a safer way to start therapy.


Richard Pannett

I have a medical background with extensive experience of common mental health problems. I trained as a Group Analytical Psychotherapist at the Institute of Group Analysis in London. I am an accredited Balint Group Leader and am registered with the UKCP uk.

I continue my ongoing professional development by attending further training. I attend workshops, conferences, and continue my own reflection, with others, on my work.

Getting Started / Contact

The aim of therapy is to make positive and sustainable changes to our lives

For specific problems, the change we want may be achieved in a relatively short time. Each of us needs to feel confident that changes are established and will not be lost. It is usually a slow process.

I start with an initial interview of one and half hours in which we can discuss what it is you would like from therapy and the next steps. The charge for this is £100.

Please use the email address below to make contact or to ask any questions. I will endeavour to respond within 48hrs.